Uniquely Developed Platforms

Viscus Biologics supports our product teams and users from the early stages of innovation and platform development through healing.  We research, develop, and manufacturer medical devices specializing in allograft and xenograft platforms unique in size, strength, and biologic components.  AlloMEM is a freeze-dried, sterile-irradiated allograft human peritoneal membrane product that functions as a homologous tissue wound covering. AlloMEM is currently available on the market under our label or may be marketed under your private label. Alternatively, AlloMEM is available for transfer of manufacturing projects.

allomem image

AlloMEM – Human peritoneal tissue

  • Freeze dried irradiated allograft peritoneal membrane approved  for homologous tissue wound covering
  • Pilot Study Evaluating the Efficacy of AlloMEM After Loop Ileostomy  completed at University Hospital Cleveland (Dr. Conor Delaney, 2012)
  • Regulated under 361 HCT/P as minimally manipulated human tissue
  • Approved and launched
  • Available for partnering in select indications