Uniquely Developed Platforms

Viscus Biologics supports our partners from the earliest stages of innovation and platform development through commercialization and beyond.  Specializing in allograft and xenograft materials, we research, develop, and manufacture medical devices with unique physical properties and biologic performance. Our rapidly expanding product line is shown below, and can be customized to your specifications and labeling requirements.

xenomem image



Designed for wound management including partial and full-thickness wounds, ulcers, tunnelled wounds, surgical wounds, trauma wounds and draining wounds.

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radiopaque tissue marker

Radiopaque Tissue Marker

A radiopaque tissue marker for marking soft tissue for subsequent x-ray, CT, and mammography imaging.

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Solubilized Collagen

Solubilized collagen for research and development, bioprinting, wound care or tissue regeneration, or cosmetics.