Radiopaque Tissue Marker

FibermarX Radiopaque Tissue Marker

Is indicated for use to radiographically mark soft tissue during a surgical procedure or for future surgical procedures.

Examples of Use could include:

  • Can be utilized in revision surgeries to mark locations of interest (e.g., where infection was located and removed.)
  • Placed to facilitate measurement of tissue stretch or retraction after rotator cuff, Achilles tendon, anterior cruciate ligament, or any other soft tissue repair
  • Assessing tissue growth around an open physis following surgical procedures such as periarticular fractures or juxta-epiphyseal osteomyelitis
  • Assessing growth of soft tissue grafts at the bone-ligament and bone-tendon interfaces in skeletally immature individuals
  • Placed to facilitate measuring edges of the defect in hernia repair
  • Tracking the location, stretch and integration of implants and soft tissue repairs (e.g., rotator cuff, hernia, etc.)

This product is available for sale in the US.