Design and Development Services

Viscus Biologics utilizes an Original Design Services Model, similar to outsourced medical device design firms except that our core competency is in the design, manipulation, manufacture, and marketing of xenograft tissue for biomedical applications.

The Original Design Services and Manufacturing Model Methodology


Projects are structured to follow US FDA and ISO 13485 design requirements while providing customers with clear milestones for measuring progress. Customers are billed on a time and materials basis. We utilize online collaboration tools to provide transparency to the project.

Viscus Biologics Value Creation

Viscus Biologics creates value through innovative product platforms, our flexible and nimble service, and wise use of our resources (clean rooms & supply chain management). Our competitive advantage is in tissue (allograft & xenograft), our experience with the decellularization process, and with the design of both monolithic and composite forms.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Viscus Biologics’ primary strength is in processing, manufacturing, and packaging allograft and xenograft extracellular matrix materials.
We have experience with various material formats including powders, gels, foams, and sheets. Monolithic or composite structures can be developed with partners. We will deliver on your development and contract manufacturing needs!